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DateNov 19, 2019
Issues6 issues


Minor bug fixes and improvements

All updates for this release


  • MGMTAPP-1388 RELEASED Resident Search Issues
  • MGMTAPP-1384 RELEASED If the guest is a "Unit" guest, you shouldn't be able to hit Create without actually being able to assign it to a Unit
  • MGMTAPP-1383 RELEASED Able to create a Guest without filling in any field on any page
  • MGMTAPP-1382 RELEASED For a temporary guest, when the departing date is today an access denied error is showing when it shouldn't
  • MGMTAPP-1380 RELEASED Valet tickets are being created for new guests even when valet is turned off
  • MGMTAPP-1379 RELEASED With the new Guest layout, I'm able to create a guest without setting the Status (Permanent/Temporary), and that's supposed to be required