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DateMay 19, 2021
Issues11 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Fixed a Civil Code 4041 bug with secondary and legal mailing addresses
  2. Additional valet bug fixes and improvements
  3. Fixed searching by phone number

All updates for this release


  • MGMTAPP-1898 RELEASED Remove the timer on the lobby dashboard when a vehicle is ready
  • MGMTAPP-1888 RELEASED Improve Ticket history query
  • MGMTAPP-1883 RELEASED FW: The event 'G' is pending your approval.
  • MGMTAPP-1876 RELEASED Valet: Address missing on ticket Get View


  • MGMTAPP-1901 RELEASED in 4041 box - cannot update legal contact
  • MGMTAPP-1900 RELEASED Civil Code 4041 - Legal Address Not Saving
  • MGMTAPP-1894 RELEASED Work Orders and SQL Residents Investigation
  • MGMTAPP-1889 RELEASED Cannot Delete Resident Type
  • MGMTAPP-1884 RELEASED Resident Search not working properly
  • MGMTAPP-1881 RELEASED Cannot Search Management App by Phone Number
  • MGMTAPP-1875 RELEASED Valet: Model disappears on Queue?