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DateOct 26, 2018
Issues14 issues

All updates for this release


  • RP-55 DONE Board Portal: WO - Address
  • RP-54 DONE Architectural - Status for Residents
  • RP-48 DONE Board Portal: Architectural - Status in table
  • RP-47 DONE Architectural - Status
  • RP-45 DONE Board Portal: Non-Compliance - Address
  • RP-36 DONE Dashboard - Phone view layout
  • RP-33 DONE Vehicles - Update the vehicles update and create form with the list of states
  • RP-19 DONE Comment Footer , username Change
  • RP-6 DONE Add pagination to SharePoint views


  • RP-57 DONE Board Portal: Wild Edit Button
  • RP-52 DONE Calendar & Amenities - Empire Canyon
  • RP-50 DONE Work Orders - SP
  • RP-44 DONE Board Portal: Non-Compliance Table


  • RP-53 DONE Architectural - Notes