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DateNov 30, 2018
Issues24 issues

Important highlights from this release

  1. Ability for a coupon book association to generate their own coupon book
  2. Civil Code 4041 Integration
  3. New Branding

All updates for this release

New Feature

  • RP-75 RELEASED Ability to download coupon books
  • RP-61 RELEASED Postings - "My Posts"
  • RP-60 RELEASED Postings: Uploading an image doesn't close Edit window
  • RP-42 RELEASED Editing a Post will send the Post back to Pending status
  • RP-41 RELEASED Create a "Sold" or "Closed" button for Residents to end an item from displaying
  • RP-38 RELEASED Add ability to change username/email address for account
  • RP-16 RELEASED Civil Code 4041 Integration


  • RP-78 RELEASED New Logo!!!
  • RP-72 RELEASED Work Order - Sharepoint
  • RP-70 RELEASED Log-in Page "Violations"
  • RP-58 RELEASED Architectural - Set N/A as Status when status is blank
  • RP-56 RELEASED Board Portal - Grant access through Email 2 field
  • RP-46 RELEASED Fix where main navigation bar does not extend then entire height of the page only the window


  • RP-77 RELEASED Jenark Work Orders set max length on title (description) field
  • RP-76 DONE Azzurra Reservations not Appearing
  • RP-74 RELEASED WO Closed Notes
  • RP-73 RELEASED Pets: Gender Unknown
  • RP-71 DONE Work Orders Not Showing Up
  • RP-66 RELEASED Vehicles - Tag Issue/Expiration Date
  • RP-65 RELEASED Pets - Expiration/Inspetion Date
  • RP-64 RELEASED vehicle/Pet images scale funny
  • RP-62 RELEASED Fix pre-authenticated page formats that broke from navbar fix


  • RP-82 RELEASED Pet DIrectory - VIew Icon
  • RP-80 RELEASED Vehicles: Make Tag Issue Date and Expiration Date Read Only